Optical Muxponder

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Let's Build A Better Network, Together.

Let's Build A Better Network, Together.

1. Scalable – XKL product are easily scalable for future growth.

2. Data CentersThe impact of DWDM in the Data Center – reduction in space & power.

3. Footprint – Find out just how low the power requirements are with the 1U footprint for XKL’s 400G

4. Design Goals – The need for flexibility and scalability without being locked to a particular vendor or feature set. Customers “Don’t want to pay for tomorrow’s capabilities today.”

5. Easy to Install – Find out just how easy it is to install any of the XKL products.

Product Overview

The DSM10-5R, part of XKL’s DarkStar DWDM Muxponder family, provides 1G – 10G services through ten soft configurable channels—set to 5 channels East, 5 channels West. A network based on DSM10-5R systems can grow to 40 channels (400G) by adding the DarkStar Mux/Demux (DMD), making them ideal for point-to-point and rings, data center interconnect, as well as for those who are unsure about future bandwidth requirements. The DSM10-5R is easily integrated with other XKL muxponders, and with our distributed architecture, capacity can be added as needed.

  • Zero cost software updates.
  • No licensing fees.
  • Simplicity, reliability, durability.
  • Highly scalable solutions.

Technical Features

Client Services:
  • 0 Channel: 10 x SFP+
Line Side:
  • 10 Channel: 10 x DWDM SFP+
  • Field upgradable solution can grow to 40 channels (400G) with a DMD-A.
Field Replaceable Units:
  • Field-replaceable dual flash storage modules; one is write-protected.
  • Hot-swap laser transceivers: QSFP+, Optical Service Channel (OSC).
  • Hot-swap power supplies (1+1 Redundant).
  • Hot-swap fan units.
Supported Topologies:
  • Point-to-Point
  • Linear
  • Ring
  • Protected