Let's Build A Better Network, Together.

Let's Build A Better Network, Together.

Internet Service Provider Solutions

Video Usage and the Internet of Things

Service providers are now rushing to keep up with Layer 1 bandwidth demand, and the main driver of this usage is video streaming. On a weekly basis, consumers equipped with Internet-connected TV are watching countless hours. The rise of “binge watching” is impacting network capacity like never before, and there are no signs that the phenomenon is slowing. If the video steaming phenomena wasn’t enough, the Internet of Things is poised to raise the bandwidth bar even higher. Analysts are predicting that almost any conceivable device will be connected.

Using the Cloud to Record and Store More Content

Storing video over networks will continue to increase as more consumers are disposing their DVRs in exchange for virtually limitless storage options provided by the cloud. While you can implement a “traffic control cop” in any given hot-spot, more and more devices are connected simultaneously via Ethernet. Not only will the practice of “storing your favorite show” continue to grow, the use of video and other data-hungry applications is becoming more commonplace as new technologies emerge.

Bandwidth Capacity Planning

Staging bandwidth demand growth is just smart business. As data consumption continues to increase year over year, the question is not if you will need more capacity, but when. So how best to prepare? XKL products are known for their exceptional reliability, with an average lifespan of nine years. During this long lifespan, a lot of technological changes can happen, so the design must be forward-thinking and well-engineered. XKL’s flexible line of products help you keep up with the ever-changing data needs of your networks.

100Gbps per second may sound like a great deal of bandwidth capacity; 10Gps probably sounds like quite a bit of data. However, take a moment to consider this scenario: a manufacturing facility with 30-50,000 connected devices with monitoring sensors, all producing data, and all of them needing to send that data to a central location to be processed and analyzed. To achieve such a goal, proper bandwidth must be in place to ensure the sheer amount of connected devices doesn’t result in dropped packets. Data-driven analytics not only requires innovative computing, it also requires the movement of a great deal of data. Having the right structure in place to take advantage of data growth is key to successfully managing that growth.

Low Latency

Most of the optical transport equipment used by large service providers today adds layers of overhead to the end-to-end customer transaction time, resulting in increased costs, complexity, power, and latency. XKL systems transport time-critical traffic without this provider overhead. Our systems rely on sound engineering design principles and system-level thinking to meet the needs of the next generation of optical networks to move customer data. This level of quality engineering is why XKL systems deliver best-in-class latency — latency as low as the inherent physics of the fiber itself!

All Frag. No Lag.

For interactive gaming, latency needs to be as close as possible to human reaction times, and is just as important as bandwidth for a compelling player experience. Faster player consoles begin to expose the network as a significant source of game lag, particularly for market-leading games with thousands of simultaneous users. Owning your own latency and bandwidth future while reducing Capital Expenditure (CapEx) will help you sleep a little easier at night. XKL provides a hardware solution with no payload processing overhead, making it a perfect system for much-needed bandwidth with exceptionally low latency.

Time is Money

The success of financial trading relies heavily on the speed and reliability of DWDM infrastructure. Financial firms looking to gain an edge in today’s competitive marketplace seek to find a network with the lowest latency without sacrificing reliability. Digital trading and strategies are only as good as the infrastructure upon which they execute. XKL provides the lowest latency possible while ensuring maximum dependability for high performance trading. Easily achieve a 100Gbps solution without the processing overhead to slow down the network.

Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber Optical Leased Line

You probably have dark fiber passing within a block or two. If your building isn’t “lit” (already has fiber coming into it), your local provider will supply a new trench and connect you, as part of the installation charge. You then have your own private leased line to wherever you want to go — directly to the lab building on campus, to regional headquarters, to a cross-country leased line connecting you with a research supercomputer center, or maybe to that big corporate data center. You choose.

Lower Fees, More Bandwidth

Once you connect to dark fiber, your whole leased line is now optical and bypasses carrier networks and the Internet. XKL’s inline amplifiers at way-points can take you 2,000 kilometers without encountering a router, so your new leased line is great for low-latency traffic. And if you need the bandwidth, your single dark fiber can support 40 simultaneous channels, each at 10Gbps. You might get two fibers, while you’re at it.

DWDM Dark Fiber since 2006 – Quality and Reliability

XKL first lit metro dark fiber with 100Gbps in 2006, connecting XKL headquarters, lab, and engineering systems in Redmond, WA to Seattle, around Lake Washington in both directions. We provided 1GE and 10GE circuits to multiple ISPs as well as 1Gbps and 2Gbps Fibre Channel links, all multiplexed on a single fiber pair.

XKL’s field experience has been trouble-free. Fiber reliability has been excellent, with a few disruptions over the years due to scheduled maintenance. Each event was handled automatically by the optical protection feature in the DarkStar products.  The XKL systems run unattended.

The First Step

Find out how close your existing dark fiber runs. We can help organize a survey of dark fiber availability, and can work with you to estimate the costs and benefits. If your bandwidth needs are high, if cost is an issue, or if you need to expand, please contact us at sales@xkl.com.