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XKL Emphasizes Commitment to Infrastructure Agility with the Introduction of FlexArc Solution

Redmond WA – May 31st, 2017


The industry is continuing to find that next generation networks require solutions that can provision and scale nimbly to enhance overall user experience. With the introduction of its FlexArc solution, XKL highlights its support of these next-gen networks by offering increased control and flexibility at Layer 1.

FlexArc supports quick provisioning and enables rapid scalability of critical network infrastructure on an as-needed basis. Ideal for cloud deployments, FlexArc seamlessly integrates with XKL’s DarkStar product suite and is designed so customers can easily grow their networks as needed. Additionally, XKL’s solution offers soft configurable, any-to-any mapping of client and line-side optics, and the ability to accommodate a variety of topologies, including point-to-point, ring and mesh. 

Dr. Chad Lamb, XKL’s Chief Systems Architect, adds, “Tomorrow’s networks will require even more rapid scalability and versatility than is available today. At Layer 1, this means ramping up bandwidth as needed, when needed. By leveraging XKL’s FlexArc solution, customers have the flexibility to adjust bandwidth needs without costly personnel visits. This capability must be an innate part of the solution in order to maintain reliable and robust operation.”

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