Video Showcase

Welcome to our Video Showcase page where we post all of our different videos relating to our product and or our company.

Get a peek at XKL’s New DQT400 Transponder that will be available September 2022.  We are accepting early orders as well as helping customers design and upgrade their networks to work with the New DQT400

Data Centers – The impact of DWDM in the Data Center – reduction in space & power.

ScalableXKL product are easily scalable for future growth.

1U Footprint – Find out just how low the power requirements are with the 1U footprint for XKL’s DQT400

Design Goals – The need for flexibility and scalability without being locked to a particular vendor or feature set. Customers “Don’t want to pay for tomorrow’s capabilities today.”

Easy to Install – Find out just how easy it is to install any of the XKL products.

Enterprise Deployment – Find out from Dr. Chad Lamb, Chief Systems Architect, discusses the ease of integration and deployment in the Enterprise environment.

Growth with the DQT400

Growth Accomplished

Statmux – Optical Network Statistical Multiplexing Technology

Statmux Demo – Learn about statistical multiplexing technology used on XKL’s optical network equipment with Dr. Chad Lamb, Chief Systems Architect.

Total Cost of Ownership – Find out from XKL’s Chief Systems Architect, Dr. Chad Lamb on the Total Cost Ownership for XKL products.