High Bandwidth

2X more bandwidth per channel using the same equipment, providers greater capacity, and flexibility, with lower costs per channel.

The XKL high bandwidth product lines offer 960 gigabytes (DQT10) and up to 9.6 terabytes (DQT100) per fiber pair and can be stacked for higher bandwidth solutions,  ready expand up to 40 channels, with the addition of a DarkStar Band Combiner (DBC) device.

The DQT100 and DQM100 Statistical Multiplexing solutions (StatMux) also allow 2.4x more data to the fiber path by allowing network operators to reclaim lost bandwidth, aggregating multiple client streams, discard idle Ethernet packets, and delivering an average of 2.4x more data across the same 100G line.  With a proposed software upgrade, this could increase to 4.8x more data!

The StatMux solutions can also integrate EDFA amplifiers, filters, optical switches, and any other components required to meet network topology needs. These models are ready to grow up to 40 channels with the addition of a DarkStar Band Combiner (DBC) device.