Low Latency

Simplify Data Movement

Most of the optical transport equipment used by large service providers today adds layers of overhead to the end-to-end customer transaction time, resulting in increased costs, complexity, power, and latency. DarkStar systems by XKL transport time-critical traffic without this provider overhead. Our systems rely on sound engineering design principles and system-level thinking to meet the needs of the next-generation optical networks to move customer data. This level of quality engineering is why DarkStar systems deliver best-in-class latency: latency as low as the inherent physics of the fiber itself.

gaming2_202x162All Frag. No Lag

For interactive gaming, latency needs to be as close as possible to human reaction times, and is just as important as bandwidth for a compelling player experience. Faster player consoles begin to expose the network as a significant source of game lag, particularly for market-leading games with thousands of simultaneous users. Owning your own latency and bandwidth future while reducing CapEx will help you sleep a little easier at night. DarkStar provides a hardware solution with no payload processing overhead, making it a perfect system for much-needed bandwidth with exceptionally low latency

finance_202x162Time is Money

The success of financial trading relies heavily on the speed and reliability of DWDM infrastructure. Financial firms looking to gain an edge in today’s competitive marketplace seek to find a network with the lowest latency without sacrificing reliability. Digital trading and strategies are only as good as the infrastructure upon which they execute. DarkStar by XKL provides the lowest latency possible while providing maximum dependability for high performance trading. Easily achieve a 100Gbps solution without processing overhead to slow down the network.