Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber Costs vs. Lit Service

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Dark Fiber Optical Leased Line

You probably have dark fiber passing within a block or two. If your building isn’t “lit” (already has fiber coming into it), your local provider will supply a new trench and connect you, as part of the installation charge. You then have your own private leased line to wherever you want to go – directly to the lab building on campus, to regional headquarters, connected to a long-distance leased line that can take you cross-country to a research supercomputer center, or maybe to that big corporate data center. You choose.

Lower Fees, More Bandwidth

Once you connect to dark fiber, your whole leased line is now optical and bypasses carrier networks and the Internet. XKL in-line amplifiers at way-points can take you 2,000 kilometers without encountering a router, so your new leased line is great for low-latency traffic. And if you need the bandwidth, your single dark fiber can support 40 simultaneous channels, each at 10Gbps. You might get two fibers, while you’re at it.

DWDM Dark Fiber since 2006

We ourselves first lit metro dark fiber with 100Gbps capability in 2006, when we used XKL DarkStar systems to connect XKL headquarters, lab, and engineering systems (originally in Redmond, WA) to a SAN disk array in the Internet Exchange building (in Seattle), all the way around Lake Washington. We use four of the available 40 channels: 1GE links to our two separate ISPs and two 2Gbps Fibre Channel links, all multiplexed on a single fiber using DWDM.

Quality and Reliability

XKL’s field experience has been trouble-free. Our line quality is right in line with the pre-installation survey, and although we have EDFA amplification in the Seattle DarkStar network that would boost all 40 channels, we don’t use it. Fiber reliability has been excellent, with no disruptions. The DarkStar systems run unattended. With the occasional SAN disk failure, no data is lost, recovery is automatic, and there is no operational disruption.

The First Step

Find out how close your existing dark fiber runs. We can help organize a survey of dark fiber availability, and can work with you to estimate the costs and benefits. If your bandwidth needs are high, if cost is an issue, or if you need to expand, please contact us at sales@xkl.com.