Service Providers

Keep Up with Market Growth

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More Connections — More People

Consumer usage of broadband has grown 50-60% year over year since 2009. In the history of consumable goods, never has a consumable good ever grown at 50% or higher year over year. More people are being connected as markets continue to grow and new markets are emerging. As more people are being connected, the time they are spending on their mobile devices is also increasing. The definition of broadband is continually changing as technology and bandwidth use increases, more and more people are connected, and their thirst for connections increases.

Video Usage and the Internet of Things

Service providers are now sprinting to keep up with Layer 1 bandwidth demand, and the main driver of this usage is streaming video. On a weekly basis, consumers equipped with Internet-connected TV are watching seven hours of TV. The rise of “binge watching” is impacting network capacity like never before and there are no signs that the phenomenon is slowing. If the video steaming phenomena wasn’t enough, the Internet of Things is poised to raise the bandwidth bar even higher. Analysts are predicting that almost any conceivable device will be connected, and are estimating the IoT will be a $1.7 trillion market.

The past 29 years show a constant bandwidth increase of ~1.5x every year.

Using the Cloud to Record and Store More Content

Storing video over networks will continue to increase as more consumers are getting rid of their DVRs in exchange for virtually limitless storage options provided by the cloud. While you can implement a “traffic control cop” in any given hot-spot, more and more devices are connected simultaneously via Ethernet. Not only will the practice of “storing your favorite show” continue to grow, consumers will continue to share their experiences. This use of video and other data-hungry applications is becoming more commonplace as new technologies continue to drive this practice onward.