Metro & Campus

Increasing demands for bandwidth and low latency due to business continuity, storage, Internet traffic, multimedia networking and large data analysis have forced many organizations into paying excessive recurring charges for telecom services from carriers. These expenses can significantly reduce business profits. Manage capital expenditures by controlling your own optical network — build  a metro DWDM network easily and cost-effectively with XKL optical networking systems.

Next-Generation Optical Networks

XKL systems are 1U, redundant, scalable and designed to adapt to an ever-evolving metro topology. Metro optical equipment is traditionally SONET/SDH-based. However, XKL products allow you to soft-select from a wide range of client interfaces, including but not limited to Ethernet 1GE, 10GE, or 10GE+FEC; Fibre Channel 1G to 10G; and SONET OC48, OC192, or OC192+FEC. Our innovative crossbar switch remotely switches traffic with “any-to-any” mapping.

The XKL product line has low power consumption to combat pricey and ever-increasing energy costs. No optical experience is needed. Furthermore, XKL products employ a familiar router-like user interface, which lowers Operational Expenses (OpEx). As a result, XKL products enable IT managers to utilize existing staff to operate metro DWDM networks without spending large amounts of time and money on training.

Quickly adapt XKL products to any topology – point-to-point, ring, or mesh – while decreasing ongoing costs of space and power used by typical card-cage systems.

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