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High Capacity Bandwidth for Data Intensive Applications

Large campus-like institutions and R&D departments process an almost inconceivable amount of data, including video. These organizations require a fast, reliable and secure connection. Oftentimes these metro or campus networks need to expand to connect multiple locations, making scalability among their most critical needs.

DarkStar’s Regional DWDM Networks grow metro networks into regional networks easily and economically. Integrated EDFA amplifiers and standalone in-line amplifiers protract the metro DWDM network’s range into a regional network, extending the metro network 80km range to a regional network 400km. Separating the optical backbone from Layer 2 and 3 and modularizing the network simplifies the complexity of card cage chassis transport. In short, our DarkStar appliances provide capacity and range you didn't know existed.

DarkStar optical networking systems can connect with any mix of traffic separated by up to 2,000 km. We can help you grow metro networks into regional networks. Familiar command-line interface control and integrated network management using standard protocols keep packet manipulation in the switches and routers, where it belongs.

Rest easy with carrier–class redundancy and extreme reliability.

Networking without Complexity

Enterprise networks are complex and are becoming more so with every new technology advance and approach. Key principles must be adhered to in order to build a strong structure. At XKL, led by Len Bosack, we have a simple philosophy: don’t add complexity where it is not absolutely needed.

Simple Manageability
Extended Life Cycle
  • Bandwidth on demand
  • Build a regional DWDM network easily and cost-effectively
  • Scalable with redundant power and cooling
  • 1RU and low power consumption
  • Easy to deploy and manage with no optical experience or OpEx services required
  • Lowers CapEx
  • Deploy and configure in under an hour

XKL Products are Easy to Deploy and Easy to Manage

  Let us design a network for you