Financial Networks

Trading at the Speed of Light

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A 1-millisecond advantage in trading applications can be worth $100 million a year to a major brokerage firm, by one estimate.

So said an InformationWeek article from 2007 – a lifetime ago in the tech world. The demand for, and volume of, high-frequency trading has only increased in the years since. Latency doesn’t just matter when markets are going up, either. During a recent downturn, many financial networks struggled to keep up with trade volume, resulting in slow or stalled-out transactions. The delays cost investors (large and small) an untold amount of money in lost earnings. Financial trading firms’ success relies heavily on the speed and reliability of the DWDM infrastructure within their complex networks. Financial firms looking to gain an edge in today’s competitive marketplace seek to find a network with the lowest possible latency for high-frequency trading, without sacrificing reliability. These firms require the ability to scale quickly, using real-time backup synchronization with business recovery functions.

XKL DarkStar systems deliver the lowest latency possible while providing maximum dependability for high performance trading. We achieve a 100Gps solution without the processing overhead that often slows down a network.

What’s more, DarkStar products are unique because they are designed for router technicians, who can get them up and running quickly and easily. Because every system in the entire DarkStar product line is designed to fit 1RU of rack space, an organization can save on space, power, and cooling costs. This smaller size is becoming increasingly important, as firms can pay up to $3500 a month per rack for colocation services. Easy to deploy and easy to manage, the DarkStar product line is an efficient way to manage Layer 1 transport.