Software Defined Networks

Globally-Controlled Networking Demands Scalability

XKL - SDN software hero image

Traffic in a software defined network (SDN) is centrally managed using software. With a comprehensive view of the entire network, software makes traffic flow and network routing decisions, and relies on the flexibility of the network design. SDN provides a data center with the flexibility to tailor data management to the needs of its customers: cloud computing, Big Data analysis, media streaming, high-speed trading, or any other networking requirement.

While SDNs can greatly improve the performance and flexibility of a network, they can’t prevent data loss. The most well-managed network is useless if data transmission is not reliable. DarkStar systems are robust, dependable, easy-to-install, and require minimal monitoring. As your customers’ needs increase, it’s easy to add capacity without sacrificing space or greatly increasing your operating costs.