Data Center Interconnect

Raise Network Performance and Reduce Expenses

Whether you are bringing Big Data projects in-house, providing low-latency service to your development division, or provisioning a colocation center to mirror and backup your cloud server clusters, you will need a backbone to move that data around. Each pair of DarkStar systems creates a low-cost, low-latency, 20-100Gbps private backbone for your critical infrastructure. Deploying DarkStar systems for the DWDM optical network reduces OpEx and CapEx for your Big Data plans. Link your key applications to the data and bandwidth your users need, with the low latency they expect. Your organization already has the IT skills, and we will help you get connected.

A Solution for Increasing Your Operation Capacity

Basic data center infrastructure requires power, cooling and cabling. Future-thinking data centers consider a high-capacity, lowest-possible-latency optical backbone as an integral part of that infrastructure. Building a robust DWDM foundation in a data center not only helps your clients with a Big Data low-latency high-bandwidth solution, it also provides a data center with another tier of pricing options. Install and set up a DarkStar optical networking system in under an hour, right out of the box. No optical experience is needed to implement a DarkStar system with a familiar router-like user interface, IT administrators are right at home.

Go optical from floor to floor in your own building and realize the simplicity of connecting switches, routers, servers or computers. With DarkStar optical networking systems, an organization can start with a 2-port configuration for 20 Gbps or opt for a 4-port or 10-port system for larger bandwidth considerations. Management and monitoring of the entire DarkStar network is a snap: it’s done through an integrated optical service channel or the front panel copper ports.

Data centers have to make sure that bandwidth and connectivity for their big clients is in place and available even before their users know they need it. You can build a simple private optical backbone using DarkStar systems that aggregate multiple 10G Ethernet links and Fibre Channel ports into 100Gbps of mixed traffic through each 1RU DarkStar system. Designed and priced for enterprise environments, DarkStar systems are managed and monitored just like the routers and switches already installed. Time to install out-of-the box is less than an hour, and no optical experience is necessary.