Cloud Migration

Predictable Network Performance

XKL - cloud migration hero image

As more and more mission-critical apps and data move to the cloud, the impact of an outage can snowball quickly. It is more important than ever for companies to avoid any type of outage, and the cost of an outage cannot be underestimated.

Many cloud outages are due to a lack of manageability. When faced with upgrading firmware or updating software in their server, router, switch or transport nodes, network owners have to bring down part (or all) of the network to achieve these improvements. At best, this destabilizes service for users: at worst, it completely disrupts service. You don’t want to take the network out of service entirely for ‘preventive maintenance’.

With DarkStar DWDM appliances, upgrades don’t require a hard reboot or specialized optical engineering staff. Overall management is straightforward and easy, and can be done without affecting customer traffic. Not only does this keep network users happy, it can keep your company off the “biggest cloud outages” lists!