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Get the Highest Level of Performance and Uptime for Layer 1

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Data Centers Need the Most Bandwidth

The data center is often an early adopter of technology because it consumes the most bandwidth and is the focal point between Enterprise and its data. As more Enterprises require business continuity and data is not only asynchronously backed up for non critical data, they also are increasingly required to synchronously and securely mirror mission critical data across data centers in real time. As new requirements are being introduced into the business landscape, data centers become consolidated in metro areas, and their needs increase, there is an increase in complexity of management as well. XKL appliances are designed with scalability in mind, and do not add to the management burden as a system grows.

Reducing Complexity of the Network

Mega data centers are beginning to arise in metro areas, and the need to manage them in a minimal way to reduce costs continues to be a dominating factor in running the business. The physical layer and infrastructure must perform at the highest levels and maintain continual uptime. IT staff will have varying levels of experience, and not every staff member will be an expert. Designing a Layer 1 appliance that interfaces much the same way as a router makes it much easier to manage. Using familiar router commands ensures the junior staff can troubleshoot and keep the system up and running.


The global DCI market is projected to grow at 10.5% compound annual growth rate until 2019. Close to half of all data center interconnect spending in 2014 was from communications service providers. The demand for high-capacity low-cost optical gear is on the rise, according to analysts. As data centers consolidate and cluster in metro areas, there is a big need for more DCI to reduce energy consumption, carbon footprint, and cost. The single largest factor in data center operational cost is power: XKL’s 1RU 100G products use an effective 70 watts per appliance. Forecasting bandwidth for the next five years with cost-effective XKL equipment can go a long way towards reducing operational cost.