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Applications and Solutions for High Capacity Layer 1


Solutions for Layer 1

U.S. businesses wireline data is expected to triple from 2012 to 2017, driven by cloud computing and video. Enterprises, especially IT departments, must set and execute a strategy to manage increasing bandwidth demands and plan for technology shifts both in the near term (big data, cloud computing and Ethernet) and the longer term (Internet of Things).

Data Center

Grow Your Data Center

As new requirements are being introduced into the business landscape, data centers become consolidated in metro areas. As their needs increase, there is an increase in complexity of management as well. XKL DarkStar appliances are designed with scalability in mind, and do not add to the management burden as a system grows.

Service Providers

Keep Up with Market Growth

Consumer usage of broadband has grown 50-60% year over year since 2009. In the history of consumable goods, never has a consumable good grown at such a brisk rate. More people are being connected as markets continue to grow and new markets emerge.

Metro & Campus

Fiber Optic Transport under 80km

Increasing demands for bandwidth and low latency due to business continuity, storage, Internet traffic, multimedia networking, and big data analysis have resulted in immense recurring charges for telecom services from carriers. DarkStar optical networking can reduce or eliminate these costs.


Data Center Interconnect

Basic data center infrastructure requires power, cooling and cabling. More progressive data center operators consider a high capacity, lowest possible latency optical backbone, such as that provided by DWDM, an integral part of that infrastructure.

Scale Capacity

Changing Data Needs Require Scalability

Service providers need to transport ever-higher volumes of applications and data with quick and efficient control of the network. Many have high levels of virtualization on all levels. The simplicity of DarkStar systems help providers maintain the same head count of staff while also managing increasing demands and expectations.


Trading at the Speed of Light

Financial firms must be able to scale quickly, using real-time backup synchronization with business recovery functions. Efficient and accurate data transmission directly translates into financial gain or loss. XKL DarkStar systems provide maximum dependability for high performance trading.

Cloud Migration

Predictable Network Performance

Many cloud outages can be prevented with proper planning and maintenance. Avoid taking your cloud network down for preventive maintenance.

Network Design

Plan to Ensure a Strong Network

Network design is more than simply deciding on a topology: designers need to understand how fiber-optic systems work, their capabilities, and codes and regulations, as well as the customer’s needs for data transmission, distance, scalability, and logistics.

R & D

Quickly Access All of Your Data

Research and development data can be scattered through a corporate or educational campus, yet all must be accessible to everyone. DarkStar DWDM can help you build a reliable network.

Low Latency

Simplify Data Movement

Fewer layers of hardware mean lower costs, complexity, power, and latency. Perfect for delivering the kind of high performance required for today's applications, such as online gaming and high-frequency trading.

Dark Fiber

Lease and Light Your Own Dark Fiber

A single dark fiber can support 40 simultaneous channels, each at 10Gbps. Your own private leased line bypasses the carriers (and their monthly charges). Fiber reliability is excellent, providing worry-free networking.

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