Video – DarkStar Power Up & Configure

XKL DarkStar optical networking appliances can be installed, verified, and running in under an hour. This new 10-minute video walks you right through the procedure, from racking a new system through to configuring the management network. It shows the commands used in live detail, so you can use the video as an introduction to DarkStar installation, or you can try them out for yourself on XKL’s remote demo systems (ask for a demo slot).

Networking without Complexity

Enterprise networks are complex and are becoming more so with every new technology advance and approach. Key principles must be adhered to in order to build a strong structure. At XKL, led by Len Bosack, we have a simple philosophy: don’t add complexity where it is not absolutely needed.

Simple Manageability
Extended Life Cycle

Just 10 minutes to get up and running

1. Power the system

DarkStar, DSM10-10, rack the system

  • It boots when power is applied.
  • Verify the status of the hot-swappable fans and power supplies:
     localhost>show environment

3. Configure a remote console

DarkStar, DXM10-4, dark fiber solution,

  • Configure passwords on all remote consoles; login is via SSH:
     DarkStarAlice CONF# password new XXXXXXXXX
     DarkStarAlice CONF# line vty
     DarkStarAlice CONF-LINE-VTY# login 
     DarkStarAlice CONF-LINE-VTY# transport input ssh
  • Configure logging:
     DarkStarAlice CONF# logging buffer 50

5. Clean the fibers and connect them

  • Fiber connections are cleaned just before making them.

7. Configure the DarkStar management network

  • Configure the management network to comply with local network policies. For example, use the snmp-server commands to configure SNMP.



2. Give the system a name

  • In configuration mode, assign a host name with:
     localhost CONF# hostname DarkStarAlice

4. Connect a client port to a wave port

  • E.g. connect client 0 to wave 0 at 10GE:
    DarkStarAlice CONF# connect client 0 wave 0 
    encapsulation 10gigabitethernet
  • Show all the connections:
     DarkStarAlice CONF# do show connect

6. Final check on receiver power

  • Verify that optical input levels are as planned:
    DarkStarAlice# show interfaces summary