Resilient Networks

Mission-critical networks should never fail! Resilient networks are required for reliability.

Network Resiliency and Redundancy

Link redundancy ensures that the data keeps moving in the event of a fiber break. XKL offers several different solutions to provide network resiliency, including internal optical path protection or external link redundancy in more complex network configurations such as mesh networks, using the XKL DMD (Mux/Demux) solutions.
The three standard path protection models supported are as follows:

  • 1+1 Unidirectional. Typically in a point-to-point network, two sets of fiber pairs between site A and site B each take a different route. If the primary fiber pair experiences a failure, all data traffic migrates to the secondary fiber route.
  • 1+1 Bidirectional: Where there is “East/West” link redundancy, for example, in a RING topology, or between redundant datacenters. If the “East” fiber route breaks, traffic will migrate or aggregate to the “West” link. The same may also be true if the “West” fiber route breaks.
  • 1:1 Bidirectional: A slightly more complex solution exists where two sets of fiber pairs coexist with client traffic on both links. This type of solution is suited to the DQT100 Statistical Multiplexing solutions (StatMux). In this instance, 2 x 100G links may coexist. In the event of a failure of either link, the second link can continue to host the initial 100G client data AND the primary connection and all client data. StatMuxing ensures that all unnecessary (empty) data packets are removed from the link, providing up to 2.4 times the data capacity without any additional buffering or loss of transit speed.

5 Year Hardware Warranty

Combined with the XKL Layer one topology, the XKL resilient networking options are the gold standard for reliability. To back this up, XKL provides a full five-year hardware warranty and includes software upgrades and maintenance patches at no additional cost.

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