Inline Amplifiers

Go Farther Faster with Inline Amplification

Inline amplifiers extend the reach of a network to its final node efficiently and without distortion of the waveform. Using both EDFA’s and Raman amplification, the XKL inline amplifiers incorporate the balanced sequence of dispersion compensation, equalization, and tilt filters necessary to groom the signal in a poor quality fiber. High gain and high power are employed with a multi-stage design.

A DarkStar transport appliance (a 1RU system with built-in advanced DWDM optics) can reach about 140km before an amplifier “hut” is required. Conventionally, huts can be 80-120km apart, but there is a limit to the number of spans in the link (about five) before having so many amplifiers in cascade causes signal distortion that needs special correction. XKL transport systems and inline amplifiers have those correction features.

Reduce Noise and Increase Signal Strength

By definition, most of the equipment on a long-haul link is a long way away, and needs to be managed remotely. All modern equipment needs periodic firmware upgrades, some more frequently than others. You do not want to be seen taking the network down for several hours to upgrade your terminal equipment. Designed for enterprises, XKL DarkStar transport equipment offers “hitless” upgrades, meaning it can be upgraded without taking the data network out of service. We generally make new upgrades available to customers when we announce significant new products, about once per year. Typically, upgrades take about 15 minutes and are run remotely from an operator console.

Inline Amplifier

Long Haul Networks

XKL helps you grow your metro network into a regional network easily and economically. DarkStar optical networking systems are flexible, allowing you to connect systems with any mix of traffic separated by up to 2000 km. Systems are controlled using a familiar command line interface and integrate into your network management scheme using standard protocols.

  • ‘Hitless’ upgrades
  • 1RU, low power consumption
  • Green technology
  • Installation in less than an hour
  • No need for an optical engineer on staff to deploy
  • Fully optimized to address the specific network management needs of cloud migrations

Designed for Network Administrators, XKL Makes IT Simple

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