DQT100 utilizes the DarkStar DMD Mux/Demux to aggregate up to 96 wavelengths on a single fiber pair, and fully tunable to deliver up to 9.6 terabits of line-side bandwidth. With the XKL eVelocity statistical multiplexing, the DQT100 provides optimized channel utilization, bandwidth shaping controls that can lower the cost of building and maintaining an optical network. XKL transponder solutions can also provide alien wave injection into an existing customer network.


• DWDM Solution
• Tunable system (based on ITU grid)
• Statistical multiplexing
• Dynamic bandwidth allocation
• Digital ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexer): remotely switch traffic, any-to-any  mapping
• Soft-configured weighted round-robin priority scheduler
• Alien wavelength support
• Media converter

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