Overview XKL’s DQT400 is fully capable of providing 100G, multiple 100G, or 400G through soft configurable interfaces. Network managers only need to swap the client optics, soft-configure the interfaces to migrate from 100G to 400G. Not only can they expand on their terms, they do so with the knowledge that with XKL, they also have; […]



With latency as low as 20 nanoseconds, the DQT10 muxes waves outside of XKL’s typical integrated chassis, thereby allowing network growth to 96 channels and are field upgradable systems that grow from 120G to 240G or 360G by combining multiple systems using the XKL Mux/Demux systems (DMD).  The DQT10 can also provide alien wave injection into an […]



DQT100 utilizes the DarkStar DMD Mux/Demux to aggregate up to 96 wavelengths on a single fiber pair, and fully tunable to deliver up to 9.6 terabits of line-side bandwidth. With the XKL eVelocity statistical multiplexing, the DQT100 provides optimized channel utilization, bandwidth shaping controls that can lower the cost of building and maintaining an optical […]



DQM10 systems are field upgradable appliances that grow from 120G to 240G or 360G. Systems that can be “stacked” using XKL Mux/Demux solution to meet future bandwidth needs.  Presented in either a 1RU or 2RU form, the DQM10 is a Muxponder (both a Transponder and a Mux/Demux) with additional amplifier/OPS/DCM. The DQM 10 can including […]



These DWDM muxponder systems come with one or two 100G DWDM channels optically multiplexed on a single fiber pair. The DQM100 uses statistical multiplexing to provide bandwidth shaping and enables bandwidth-on-demand applications. DQM100 systems integrate Erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA)   and mux/demux filters. For modular growth, these systems provide 12 or 24 10GE client-port […]



DSM10-10 is a Muxponders, is a single 1RU or 2RU system, and both a Transponder and a Mux/Demux, with additional amplifier/OPS/DCM. These systems enable customers to soft-configure the aggregation of 1G through 400G services, including optical amplifiers for extending network reach, filters, protection solutions, and other optical components required for any optical network. Systems can […]



The DSM10-5R ultra-low latency solutions deliver 10x10G across two ports (east and west), with a data transit of ~40ns across the device. DSM10-5R solutions are used extensively in metro and regional networks or with SFP+ transceivers for long-haul networks. Through the intuitive XKL command-line interface, the DSM-10-5R ports can be configured as redundant pathways and […]



DMD-A is a Mux/Demux solution with built-in amplification, integrated optical switch for path protection, Dispersion compensation Modules (DCMs), and support for EDFAs if required. The DMD-A solutions provide monitoring capabilities for a mix of 1G through 400G technologies using 4 or 6 band filters and 48 or 96 channels for point-to-point or east/west configurations. DMD […]


Mux/Demux and Monitor Channel Filter

The DMD-P mux/demux products are passive devices (i.e., not requiring power or cooling) in a short 1RU (One Rack Unit) configuration, ideal for short distance networking needs such as a Datacenter/NOC.  DMD-P solutions provide monitoring capabilities for a mix of 1G through 400G technologies using 4 or 6 band filters and 48 or 96 channels […]


Inline Amplifier for Long Haul Networks

DLA is a fully-integrated optical inline amplifier solution that extends the reach of a network. High gain and low noise stem from its multi-stage amplifier design and can include Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs), tilt and equalization filters, as well as Dispersion Compensation Modules (DCMs) based on a Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) filter that is typically […]