1. Scalable – XKL product are easily scalable for future growth.

2. Data CentersThe impact of DWDM in the Data Center – reduction in space & power.

3. Footprint – Find out just how low the power requirements are with the 1U footprint for XKL’s 400G

4. Design Goals – The need for flexibility and scalability without being locked to a particular vendor or feature set. Customers “Don’t want to pay for tomorrow’s capabilities today.”

5. Easy to Install – Find out just how easy it is to install any of the XKL products.

Product Overview

The DQT400, part of XKL’s transponder family, provides 100GE and 400GE services through soft-configurable interfaces. Network managers only need to swap the client optics in order to migrate from 100GE to 400GE. There are no licensing fees or additional costs to enable the 400G channels. DQT400 systems enable metro and long-haul connectivity for high-speed data networks using the latest pluggable coherent technologies. The DQT400 is easily integrated with other XKL transponders, and with our distributed architecture, capacity can be added as needed.  

Technical Features

Client Services:

  • Soft-configurable encapsulations (per port): 100GE, 4x100GE, 400GE.

Line Side:

  • 4 C-band tunable 100G, 200G, 300G, or 400G wavelengths (soft-configurable per port).


  • 1.6Tb (DQT400 4-ch per system).
  • Stack DQT400 systems to provide up to 19.2Tb using the DMD-A Mux/Demux system.
  • Stack DQT400 systems along with DQT10, DQT100 systems for compatibility using the DMD-A Mux/Demux system.

Swappable Units:

  • Hot-swap client-side transceivers.
  • Replaceable line-side transceivers.
  • Hot-swap power supplies (1+1 Redundant).
  • Hot-swap fan units.

Supported Topologies:

  • Point-to-Point
  • Ring
  • Linear
  • Mesh
  • Protected Point to Point (requires DMD-A)

Why choose the DQT400?

  • Zero cost software updates.
  • No licensing fees.
  • Simplicity, reliability, durability.
  • Highly scalable solutions.
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