Mux/Demux and Monitor Channel Filter

1. Scalable – XKL product are easily scalable for future growth.

2. Data CentersThe impact of DWDM in the Data Center – reduction in space & power.

3. Footprint – Find out just how low the power requirements are with the 1U footprint for XKL’s 400G

4. Design Goals – The need for flexibility and scalability without being locked to a particular vendor or feature set. Customers “Don’t want to pay for tomorrow’s capabilities today.”

5. Easy to Install – Find out just how easy it is to install any of the XKL products.

Product Overview

The DMD-P mux/demux products are passive devices (i.e., not requiring power or cooling) in a short 1RU (One Rack Unit) configuration, ideal for short distance networking needs such as a Datacenter/NOC.  DMD-P solutions provide monitoring capabilities for a mix of 1G through 400G technologies using 4 or 6 band filters and 48 or 96 channels for point-to-point or east/west configurations. DMD solutions will integrate with alternative vendor optical networking equipment, that is based on a standard ITU grid with 50GHz or 100GHz channel spacing. DMD solutions can also be in a “Dual” format, which provides double the capacity, channels, and fiber lines in a single 1RU form.

  • A passive device, no power or cooling required
  • Integrates with any vendor optical networking equipment based on a standard ITU grid with 50GHz or 100GHz channel spacing.
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