DarkStar Optical Network Hardware

Building Efficient Ways to Optimize Bandwidth Transport

Optimizing every aspect of your network costs essentially comes down to the very machines that facilitate the operation of the business. Power, cooling, and space all need to be maximized. Led by Len Bosack, the engineers at XKL have just these considerations in mind when they engineer networking products. XKL produces a unique Layer 1 appliance that not only maximizes these three main concerns for data centers, it's also designed such that any member of the IT staff can deploy and manage the unit. XKL’s flagship product, the DarkStar DSM10-10, contains ten 10GB client lasers and ten 10GB wave lasers; any client laser can be connected to any wave laser through the command line interface as easily as typing “connect client 1 to wave 1”. Bandwidth to spare at 10 x 10G, a small energy footprint (70 watts), and one unit of rackspace allows data centers to further maximize their square footage and achieve more bandwidth.

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