Extreme Low Latency

XKL Extreme Low Latency solutions are ideal for entertainment, gaming, financial, and network providers.

Why Low Latency

Today’s network providers strive to deliver the lowest latency solutions, including 5G, where latency in the backhaul network will become increasingly important to achieve the quality required for applications like real-time gaming and streaming media.

Unlike passive data transfer; streaming solutions such as music, video, and online gaming have a much lower tolerance for latency. For example, a split second delay could change the player’s outcome in on-line gaming or require more buffering to maintain stable customer experience.


XKL Low, Ultra, and Extreme Low Latency Solutions

XKL Low Latency solutions are designed on a pure Layer 1 architecture using the highest-rated components and designed with the lowest complexity in mind. The result is latency as low as a few nanoseconds, the equivalent to adding only ~2 meters of fiber to a route, providing performance that is typically 1000+ times faster than traditional complex transponders.

XKL is confident in its low, ultra, and extremely low latency results.  Details on how the tests were conducted, the methodologies used, and the results collected, can be found in the link below.

XKL Extreme Low Latency Test Results