It may be hard to believe (unless you’re between 17 and 26 years old – and play videogames), but watching pros play videogames is becoming a sizable sport that is generating significant revenue to rival major real-world professional sports leagues. For better or worse, people are spending hours per day honing their skills in hopes […]

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  • April 5, 2018

As the number of internet users continues to grow, the applications used have become exponentially more bandwidth intensive. In the face of this demand and growth, proper bandwidth management is essential for subsea network operators. In the March issue of Ocean News & Technology Magazine, XKL’s Chief Systems Architect Chad Lamb outlines the unique challenges […]

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  • April 2, 2018

In the 1960s, when computers started connecting over telephone lines, Bell Labs challenged their engineers to identify ways to get more bandwidth out of its prevailing network infrastructure. It was then that a team of computer engineers realized machines that are connected to a network typically only utilized a small percentage of the bandwidth that […]

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  • February 15, 2018
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