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Prior to the financial crisis of 2007, the media was abuzz with the marvels of high frequency trading. Ultra low latency infrastructure first became a hot topic in mainstream publications where journalists educated the public on how a millisecond delay could result in the loss or gain of millions of dollars during a single transaction. […]

Over the past several years, the education sector has become incredibly competitive. Whether primary, secondary or post-secondary, public or private, educational institutions are vigorously contending with each other to optimize enrollment. Demand is measured through quality of attendance and students’ conception of satisfactory high tech learning environments, and those benchmarks get more stringent with every […]

Web-scale IT used to be associated exclusively with the behemoths of the cloud world, helping those companies accommodate massive amounts of data, test new methods, reduce infrastructure costs, slash time to market, streamline internal processes and improve service quality — all at once. Simply stated, this architectural philosophy helped these businesses stay agile. Now, many […]

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