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Optical Utility Appliance

The DMD-A is an optical transport utility appliance; it comes equipped with a variety of filter options including 48-channel or 96-channel mux/demux and 4-band or 6-band combiner filter. It accommodates a point-to-point or east/west configuration and provides support for up to four EDFA amplifiers. The DMD-A also includes an integrated optical switch for path protection as well as dispersion compensation. These fully integrated options are just some of the key benefits of this utility product.

eVolocity Platform

100G Bandwidth-On-Demand Solution

The eVolocity platform provides up to 96 channels of 100G Ethernet, 9.6 terabits of line-side bandwidth per fiber pair. Through the statistical multiplexing feature, the platform provides up to 11.5 terabits of client-side connectivity, providing the flexibility to allocate bandwidth on demand. Each eVolocity system is packaged in a 1RU chassis, providing bandwidth densities that are needed in data center space and metro applications, as well as regional and long haul applications.




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