Robust and rugged DWDM backbone built for your future.

XKL’s optical networking systems are designed for simplicity, reliability and durability.

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Fiber optic networking systems, engineered for the future

XKL engineers, innovates, develops, tests and maintains complex networks suited for Layer 1, allowing for dynamic bandwidth allocation and a pay-as-you-grow model. Energy efficient with flexible architecture, XKL’s easy-to-deploy high capacity DWDM systems are built to provide customers with everything they need, and nothing they don’t. And along the way, XKL’s team works closely with customers to engineer solutions for specialized and successful deployments, providing complete customer satisfaction.

A History of Innovation

In its earliest days, XKL successfully built a compact, modern replacement for a massive mainframe computer system that had gone out of production. Many of these systems were deployed in key support roles, suggesting a need for a more modern platform as a migration path. The challenge at the time was to find a mainstream usage for a totally new technology: a platform with a desktop-sized footprint, but incorporating technology that would bring the system into the 21st century.