XKL’s Guide for Deploying a Long Haul Network

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  • Posted by PR on July 19, 2017

Lighting a long haul network is an expensive proposition, but one that comes with many benefits including control, security, speed and overall ease of management. If the business case can be made to take the long haul route, the benefits in doing so emerge fairly quickly. With data traffic rising at an exponential rate, all options should be on the table for transporting that data from one point to another, securely and quickly.

At XKL, we do not reduce the complex physics of a long haul network, but we do have some tricks up our sleeve that makes the process of lighting it a simpler one. That’s why we’ve compiled an eBook that covers our top five steps for a successful deployment. In this eBook we cover all stages of long haul network deployment – from assessing your needs and developing the business case, to the challenges of achieving an acceptable signal to noise ratio.

If you are an enterprise, financial institution or service provider and thinking of deploying your first long haul network – or are frustrated with your current results – click here to download our eBook and let XKL be your guide.

Interested in learning more? Let’s connect – send XKL a message today.

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