XKL’s Conference Highlights and Musings: NANOG 70

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  • Posted by PR on June 15, 2017

This year NANOG came to us! Well…not exactly, but the esteemed gathering of Network Operators was recently held in the tech-rich city of Bellevue, only a few miles away from XKL’s headquarters. NANOG 70 was particularly enjoyable for the XKL team, because this year our Founder and CEO Len Bosack delivered the keynote address to attendees. While the theme of Len’s keynote was statistical multiplexing, he also delved into the intricacies of security and encryption – a topic that this audience found especially noteworthy.

NANOG 70 is a must-attend event for network operators, where industry experts from around the world gather to strategize and learn from the brightest minds in the space. XKL was in good company with some of the largest content providers and network operators in attendance. Some of the most pressing industry topics were explored including optical networking, data centers, Internet Exchanges, peering, DDos Trends, and network telemetry.

On the first full day of the event, Len delivered his keynote, “Revisiting Statistical Multiplexing in Your Network.” Len explained how network operators could augment the capabilities of large frame core routers by deploying statistical multiplexing in front of their ports. He elaborated on how XKL’s “Layer 1 ½” products use an OSI Layer 1 statistical multiplexing algorithm that allows for the dynamic allocation of bandwidth and enables seamless capacity growth as customer demands increase. This results in better utilization of the core router while using less power and minimizing cost. The goal is to automate provisioning to get more out of your incumbent systems.

Len also reflected on how secure our networks are today. Understanding the value of what you’re protecting, the time period that value is retained and understanding the capabilities of network attackers are of utmost importance. Knowing those things will help you invest accordingly in protection. He stressed that public key cryptosystems rest on unproven assumptions and if you expect to run up against a well-resourced adversary then you ought to invest in more complex and diversely secure cryptosystem. For those that really care about their data, Len believes they must conduct memory-to-memory, per connection key exchange encryption. In the end, he deems mathematics of computational complexity as our only true line of defense from bad actors, since you can never predict how sophisticated your adversary’s technology would be. Interested in viewing Len’s keynote address? Click here to watch.

Throughout the event, XKL’s Chief Systems Architect, Chad Lamb, also provided an overview of a significant eVolocity application – using statistical multiplexing to aggregate more client-side interfaces and put more than double the amount bandwidth on the line.

Next up for the XKL team is Telecom Exchange New York City taking place June 20 – 21. To request an onsite meeting at the conference, please email jsa_xkl@jaymiescotto.com.

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