XKL: Helping to Pave the Way for EdTech Advancements on University Campuses

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  • Posted by PR on September 5, 2017

Believe it or not, we’re already at the time of year where university students start heading back to their campuses. The long-standing tradition of embarking on a new semester is an incredibly exciting experience. The prospect of exploring new subjects, participating in campus activities and forging new friendships is exhilarating. These days, there’s something else to look forward to, though. With rapid advancements in EdTech, students can expect to return to their institutions after just a four-month hiatus and experience new technologies that are sure to enhance their educational experience.

IoT is proliferating all facets of campus life – even dormitory washing machines alert residents when cycles are nearing completion to thwart off congestion. A student does not have to be compiling and synthesizing massive datasets in order to demand uninterrupted network resources for their institutions. Collaborative learning’s popularity is surging. New platforms that enable students to effortlessly work together on assignments are being deployed at an aggressive rate across all disciplines. It’s essential that each of these applications is prioritized accordingly and allocated the appropriate resources.

In order for administrators to keep up with technological developments, it’s necessary they establish a scalable network architecture to accommodate the consequential explosion of data generated by campus life and R&D departments. Connecting multiple locations and embedding flexibility is key.

XKL’s eVolocity platform is ideal for higher education institutions, enabling them to provide bandwidth-on-demand. eVolocity uses a first-of-its-kind, OSI Layer 1 statistical multiplexing algorithm that allows for the dynamic allocation of bandwidth on an as-needed basis. The low power, 1RU platform provides up to 240G of client-side services (480G with a software update) and two 100G line-side interfaces. By stacking these systems, a DWDM network can be built that grows to 96 channels of 100G interfaces, or 9.6 terabits of line-side bandwidth per fiber pair. Through the statistical multiplexing feature, the platform provides up to 11.5 terabits of client-side connectivity, (23 terabits with a software update) providing the flexibly to allocate bandwidth when needed. The virtualized interfaces enable seamless capacity growth as bandwidth demands increase. With R&D departments generating an abundance of data in a lumpy fashion, such granular scalability is essential to maintaining a network that doesn’t slow to a crawl when the biology department crunches their latest and greatest dataset.

In addition to the statistical multiplexing component of the platform, network administrators can also soft-assign a class or priority level to each client port for quality of service. Priority levels can be adjusted at any time. Using a weighted round robin algorithm (WRR), the eVolocity platform has four class levels. These soft-configurable classes give the operator control over each port.

Forecasting bandwidth can be a tricky endeavor, but facilitating the next big capacity upgrade to your network is made simpler with the XKL family of products. eVolocity, part of the DarkStar family, is designed with the future in mind so you can easily add 100G products to an existing 10G network.

No licensing fees, low power consumption, and a 1RU footprint all combine to reduce recurring operational costs. With more than seven years in the field with no downtime or required maintenance windows, XKL’s family of products are designed for efficient networks that are deployed and managed by existing IT staff.

XKL is actively working with research and education institutions, leaving eVolocity to ensure that the multitude of departments and organizations that make up bustling campuses have the connectivity they need when they need it, to provide the most comprehensive educational experience.

To learn more about XKL’s solutions for the research and education communities, click here.

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