Scaling Bandwidth

Cost-effectively Scale Bandwidth Capacity in Stages

Bandwidth demand forecasting has become an important tool in today’s optimization of enterprise and consumer networks. As the demand for data shows no sign of slowing, network designers and engineers must hit the mark when they are forecasting the next five years of bandwidth capacity growth. Miscalculating and coming up short is not an option, as filling in capacity within an allotted timeframe could result in an expensive mistake.

XKL has engineered a better way to add capacity when the business case demands it. All XKL products conform to a 1RU form factor and contain an abundant amount of bandwidth per appliance or channel. Our flagship appliance, the DSM 10-10, transports a total of 100G in a 10x10G configuration. A business can continue to add more units until it fills all 96 channels in a single fiber pair. To add more transport units to the network node the network engineer would utilize a DBC Band Combiner for the optical filtered systems or a DMD Mux/Demux external Channel Filter.

Band Combiner

DBCs and DBCd Models

The DBC Band Combiner connects up to four 10x10G transport appliances to scale 40 channels on a single fiber pair. These 1RU passive devices require no power and are typically used for point–to–point, ring, and mesh network topologies. DBCd devices are used for East/West links on a ring or linear add/drop fiber topology. DBCs devices are used for point-to-point topologies. Band Combiners can be used singly or in combination with other DBCs to give you tremendous bandwidth.

DMD Filter

Mux/DeMux and Monitor Channel Filter

A passive 1RU filter, the DMD muxes/demuxes and monitors 96 DWDM channels. Though it can be used as a stand-alone filter, you can greatly increase your bandwidth when used in conjunction with Darkstar Capacity Extenders. For example, a DMD Filter can combine and monitor up to eight separate DST10-10 Capacity Extenders, resulting in bandwidth approaching a terabyte! Use the DMD in point-to-point, ring, or mesh topologies, or as a redundant DMD for East/West links.

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