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Getting the most out of the network equates to optimization and flexibility, including Layer 1. As some IT technicians shy away from the physical layer, it remains an untapped avenue to focus and plan a network with the capacity for the explosion of data from the increased use of streaming video, mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). As the data center and cloud continue to be a central hub for a myriad of businesses, it starts to make more sense to control every level of the network. Bringing Layer 1 in-house and lighting dark fiber between facilities ensures capacity planning can be controlled.

The DarkStar® product line allows networking professionals to take advantage of dark fiber, enabling incredible bandwidth for service providers and data center interconnect with unrivaled ease of use and value.

Pay as you Grow

Field upgrade the 1RU systems from 120G to 240G or 360G, with the ability to expand further with an external passive optical filter. The DQT10 and DQM10 are ideal products for those who are unsure about future bandwidth requirements. As bandwidth demands exponentially grow the ability to adapt to those needs is crucial. Reliable and flexible, DarkStar products embody the vision of XKL and Cisco founder, Len Bosack.

The DarkStar optical networking systems have beneficial features that make them attractive to enterprises, service providers, and cloud deployments. One such feature is FlexArc, the Digital ROADM feature that allows Add/Drop functionality with soft select configuration. Like the entire DarkStar product lines these optical networking systems are designed for network administrators with simple installation, an intuitive CLI and no licenses fees for the life of the product. A small footprint with less than 190 watts for 360G of bandwidth, or just over 0.5W per Gigabit, and more than seven years in the field without any DarkStar system failures, reduces total cost of ownership and prove themselves in every deployment for data center interconnect, metro applications, as well as regional and long haul applications.

Increase Capacity: Mix 10G with 100G Technology


Field Upgradeable Transponder

The fully tunable and field upgradeable systems allow a customer to grow from 120G to 240G or 360G, all in a single rack unit. The DQT10 can increase capacity further with a passive optical filter providing 48 or 96 channels for growth to 480G or 960G, respectively. The other benefit of the external optical filter is the ability to augment existing networks via alien wave injection, utilizing unused channels in a standard ITU Mux/Demux filter.

Digital ROADM

Create Rings or Protected Paths

DSM10-10 & DSM10-5R

10 x 10G Muxponder

Our flagship 10x10G networking appliance provides a combined 100G of bandwidth for metro, regional or long haul optical networking utilizing ten DWDM SFP+ transceivers per 1RU system. Designed for enterprise network administrators and data center requirements, each appliance uses only 70 watts and has a convenient router-like command like interface. Soft select an array of encapsulations such as Ethernet, Fibre Channel, or SONET


Field Upgradeable Muxponder

These DWDM appliances provide an all in approach and allow customers to integrate EDFA amplifiers, filters, and other components that are required for any topology. The DQM10 systems are field upgradable appliances that grow from 120G to 240G or 360G in 1RU and are ideal for point-to-point applications and Data Center Interconnect.

Next Generation Optical Networking

A fundamental XKL design tenet is that the equipment used in the development of a reliable Internet must ride on a simple, easy-to-understand software platform. The DarkStar architecture puts that belief into practice by organizing key functions into simplified processes or tasks that other manufacturers often relegate to separate hardware units. If a particular process fails, it can be easily identified and addressed. This rational approach is replicated throughout the architecture, supporting the twin goals of creating cost-effective systems that exhibit very high reliability.


4 x 10G Muxponder

This introductory optical networking appliance provides 40G of bandwidth or a redundant 20G of metro, regional or long haul optical transport utilizing four SFP+ transceivers per 1RU system. Soft select an array of encapsulations such as Ethernet, Fibre Channel, or SONET. The DarkStar operating system uses a familiar router-like command line interface, making it easy to learn.

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