April 2016

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Did you celebrate #IoTDay earlier this month? Global Internet of Things Day is observed worldwide April 9th, though it certainly doesn’t need a special day to garner attention. You may already know all about the IoT — in fact, the topic is nearly impossible to avoid; we even wrote a blog post about it! The […]

Rural broadband is having a moment right now, and it’s about time. Underserved and low-income areas have long been left behind when it comes to Internet connectivity, and it’s clear that high-speed Internet access is more than just an amenity. For many important activities, including using helpful web-based educational tools and participating in telemedicine initiatives, […]

Kirkland, WA –April 12, 2016 – XKL LLC, a leading provider of fiber optic networking solutions, announces its initiative to provide broadband solutions to rural communities throughout the United States. As the country continues to recognize the importance of Internet connectivity in underserved and low-income areas, XKL products are uniquely suited to provide high levels […]