Data Center Interconnect

10 x 10G, a small energy footprint, and one unit of rack-space allows
data centers to maximize their square footage and achieve more bandwidth.

Leading companies don’t put their bandwidth needs in the hands of someone else. Find out how you can take control of your bandwidth now, using the OpEx you already have in-house.

We design gear with enterprise and data center IT staff in mind. No OpEx is required because our products are built for router technicians. Set up 10 lanes of 10G in 10 minutes.

One rack unit, 70 watts and 10 x 10G of bandwidth, the DarkStar DWDM appliance is designed for Layer 1. Small and efficient, DarkStar systems can help you save on cooling and power costs.


TEX NYC 2016:

XKL Discusses New FlexArc DWDM Platform.

A perfect fit for Layer 1

Designed for Network Administrators, XKL Makes IT Simple

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