Bandwidth on Demand

The eVolocity platform allows operators to reclaim lost bandwidth by aggregating multiple client streams, discarding the idle Ethernet packets and filling the line-side 100G pipe.

eVolocity Platform

100G Bandwidth-On-Demand Solution

The eVolocity platform provides up to 96 channels of 100G Ethernet, 9.6 terabits of line-side bandwidth per fiber pair. Through the statistical multiplexing feature, the platform provides up to 11.5 terabits of client-side connectivity, providing the flexibly to allocate bandwidth on demand. Each eVolocity system is packaged in a 1RU chassis, providing bandwidth densities that are needed in data center space and metro applications, as well as regional and long haul applications.


TEX NYC 2016:

XKL Discusses FlexArc (Flexible Architecture) Technology.